On a new install of SUSE 11 and KDE 4.0 I am unable to get any* sound from my speakers. Sound does comes through the headphone socket. This is the case for different sound sources CD, MP3, WAV and different applications Amarok, KsCD, Real Player and Flash.

I have run the online update and there are no patches left to install.

YaST 2 shows the soundcard as a Creative SB Audigy 2 and that the driver (EMU10K1_Audigy) is active.

alsaconf command detects sound card but again sound is only through the headphones. My version of Alsa is 1.0.16 and I have downloaded version 1.0.17 but don't know how to get YaST to install it.
* Just before alsaconf plays it's test file my speakers make a noise like they have just been switched on/off.

Any advice would be welcome but keep it simple as I am really new to Linux. The speakers work fine in Windows XP (this is a dual boot system) so I am confident this is a software/driver issue.