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Thread: Can't install icon themes!!!

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    managerpif NNTP User

    Angry Can't install icon themes!!!


    My problem is that if I install an icon theme it changes only the icons in start menu, the file view (like rpms) but not the folders for exemple. So it becomes useless for me.

    Here you can see some screenshots.

    Please help how to fix this!

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    Default Re: Can't install icon themes!!!

    How did you install the icon theme? From a package manager like YaST, or did you download it and install by hand? (I see a folder called icon themes on your desktop)

    I run gnome and use konqueror as my file manager, and I also see different icon themes as you do - but that could be because I mix gnome and KDE. You seem to be using gnome and nautilus so I'm puzzled too.

    Is your icon theme complete? I've been learning about icon themes, and it seems that some out there aren't complete, or expect to inherit icons from other icon themes that you have to install also.

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