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Thread: Virtualbox issue

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    Default Virtualbox issue

    The VirtualBox support driver which is running is from a different version of VirtualBox. You can correct this by stopping all running instances of VirtualBox and reinstalling the software..
    VBox status code: -1912 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_VERSION_MISMATCH).

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times.
    any other ideas?

    Please let me know what information you need from me.
    KDE 4.0.4 openSuse 11 x64

    tried installing from yast and direct download

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    Default Re: Virtualbox issue

    Try going to /home/*username/.VirtualBox

    you need to view hidden files in your home/username to see the folder
    delete the whole folder VirtualBox (if you have nothing you want in there - which you probably don't)
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