I have installed cairo-dock on my opensuse 11. When I use the stack plugin I have some problems.

First when I drop a file like a foto or a video file on the stack, the icon inside the stack is a question mark. I can't do anything with the file. When I click it, nothing happens.

Second problem is actually a problem concerning the parabolic display of the contents of any sub-dock. When multiple items are placed in the stack and I click to open the waver, only the first Item in the stack has a label. The other labels appear to be rendered but are placed out of sight. Actually it's like there are way too many spaces in front of the label. When the stack opens I can see the first letters of go by...

In fact when I remove and reinstall cairo-dock, the waver and labels work like they should. the second time cairo-dock is started the problem appears again...very frustrating.

I would really appreciate some help on this, because I really really like the parabolic view.

greetz and thanks in advance