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Thread: Wireless found but "not connected"

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    Unhappy Wireless found but "not connected"


    i'm new to linux and have connection problem

    when i boot opensuse with the live cd i get the "wireless network" manager box on the bottom panel line, i can find my wireless connection, type de wep code and log in.

    ok i know the wireless device works and it is recognized by opensuse !

    but now when i install opensuse on my harddisk i can ran the "network settings" manager, it finds my wireless LAN controller. I can edit it and finished the configuration. Then when i go back to the Network settings it tell's me that my Wireless LAN controller is "not connected".

    what can i do ?
    thanks in advance for your help

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    Default Re: Wireless found but "not connected"

    Check the output of the command dmesg for any problems with your wireless.

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