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    I tried creating a live USB stick with kiwi following the instructions of this link:
    Live USB stick - openSUSE

    Unfortunately the repository doesnt contain kiwi-desc-livesystem

    So I am unable to continue.
    Does anyone know where I can get kiwi-desc-livesystem for openSuse 11?

    Aubrey Bourke.

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    I found it for SuSe 10.3, but for the 11.0 I have the same problem.

    Anybody know were this file is left ?
    Please Help.


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    I'm having the same problem. Can anyone tell us where we can find kiwi-desc-livesystem for OpenSUSE 11.0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpinay
    I'm having the same problem. Can anyone tell us where we can find
    kiwi-desc-livesystem for OpenSUSE 11.0?
    Have a read here, but it looks like that package has been dropped in
    later releases of kiwi.

    5. Image Building with KIWI

    The livesystem package contains several example descriptions and
    is not mandatory. If another source of configuration files is
    available, it can be ignored.
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    Default Re: Kiwi-desc-livesystem

    The descriptions for 11.0 are kiwi-config-openSUSE-gnome and kiwi-config-openSUSE-kde instead of kiwi-desc-livesystem.
    Unfortunately, the LiveUSB guide in the wiki is also in some other parts outdated. The new descriptions are configured for oem type kiwi images instead of usb type ones. With some modifications, it's possible to use the old usb type images anyway - I did so as the oem type images never worked properly for me when building LiveUSB images.
    I try to briefly explain what needs to be changed in order to be successful with the guide in the wiki.

    First of all, you need to install the following packages (subcribe to the repo described in the wiki)

    kiwi-config-openSUSE-gnome (for GNOME)
    kiwi-config-openSUSE-kde (for KDE)

    Delete all <repository></repository> tags in /usr/share/kiwi/image/usbboot/suse-11.0/config.xml and /usr/share/openSUSE/kiwi-config-gnome/config.xml or /usr/share/openSUSE/kiwi-config-kde/config.xml and add the following repositories instead
    <repository type="yast2">
    <source path=""/>
    <repository type="yast2" status="replaceable">
    <source path=""/>
    <repository type="rpm-md" status="replaceable">
    <source path=""/>
    In addition to that you need to add the following line to /usr/share/openSUSE/kiwi-config-gnome/config.xml or /usr/share/openSUSE/kiwi-config-kde/config.xml to the <preferences></preferences> section
    <type boot="usbboot/suse-11.0" filesystem="squashfs">usb</type>
    The prepare command for GNOME
    kiwi --prepare /usr/share/openSUSE/kiwi-config-gnome --root /tmp/kiwi-tmp --logfile terminal
    ...and for KDE
    kiwi --prepare /usr/share/openSUSE/kiwi-config-kde --root /tmp/kiwi-tmp --logfile terminal
    Sorry that I cannot provide a complete walkthrough (would be a way too long writeup) but with the wiki guide and these changes, you should be able to succeed.

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