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Thread: ex-windows user looking for help ;)

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    Default ex-windows user looking for help ;)

    hi! first, sorry for my English - I'm from Germany
    Yesterday I changend completly from Win to openSUSE

    So. My Problem is: If I had installed a tool like ntfs-3g or ntfsprogs or wine *g*, it isnt shown then in "applications". I could only use it with the console.

    I've tested Ubuntu/Kubuntu, too - and there I could find this programs in the program border.

    hope you can understand my horrible post


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    Default Re: ex-windows user looking for help ;)

    Welcome to Linux!

    1. ntfs-3g is a driver that enables reading NTFS partitions on disk. If you do not have windows NTFS partitions on your computer, you dont need it. Anyways, openSUSE has this driver automatically enabled and you do not need this to run windows programs.

    2. Wine is a command line tool. However, there are nice GUI applications that wraps over Wine.
    One is WineXS, other is "Wine-doors" (this is a nice one), paid program called Cedega etc.

    Try to find and install one of those.

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