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Thread: Zypper Update/Installation-Problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyhawk View Post
    maybe try to use a local mirror for the main repositories ?

    See this previous post : PackageKit with Smart - openSUSE Forums

    The problem is well know, and some work are done actually : See Libzypp/Failover - openSUSE
    Thanks! that helped me! I switched from the redirector urls to fix mirrors (for me now things work fine. No I export via zypper lr -e <repofile> my settings. I recently installed my system and imported this repo file afte installtion. Now the "zypper dup" works fine

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    I think I have this configuration on my linux-box (and this works not fine for me)...but I will verify this.
    Thanks a lot for your answer.

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    Hello all,

    I replaced my repository-urls with the from zagoes....and it's working . I had no problems with updating my openSuSE-box.

    But I still do not understand, why the zypper-update with the original-urls isn't working properly.

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