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Thread: What to Backup & How?

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    Default What to Backup & How?

    For updated openSUSE 11.0-
    There has been a problem (hardware-can't detect the USB device/Network Connection & Applet does not work), due to which I would like to backup my personal user settings (updated applications & libraries, drivers (nvidia), and esp. the gnome desktop settings, panels, etc as I spent some time configuring these). If it is possible to backup the system configuration files, I would like to do that also.

    1. What should I backup? (which directories/files) & how to restore them later, after re-install of system?
    2. How can I backup (using what application)?

    Links to articles/programs would be helpful.

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    Default Re: What to Backup & How?

    I have half an answer for you:


    I set up a while ago and it works nicely in the background. The problem is, I never tried to restore any of the backups! I don't want to mess with a perfectly good machine, so I don't want to restore until I have to. So, I can't give you a report on how good it is.
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