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    Hello all,

    I installed Sipie to listen to sirius radio, and it works. However, I have 2 laptops set up with openSUSE 11 (fresh install).

    On one laptop to launch sipie I type in the following:

    and on the other one I need to type in:


    Why would i need to put in the ./ on the second laptop?


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    this should depend on your PATH environment variable: If "." is in your PATH then you do not have to use "./" to execute a program (in the current directory) else you need "./" in front.

    To check the setting of your PATH variable type "echo $PATH"

    hope this helps

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    yup, the path on this laptop does not have . in the path. which is weird, because both laptops were fresh installs, the only difference is, this laptop was installed using the DVD, where the other (I will check the path after lunch) was installed with the live CD.


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