i am using version 10.3 and inkscape 0.45. i have been looking at tutorial sites and found that the current version is 0.46 (with 0.47 in the works). there are some nice little tools and effects with the newer version. another thing that i have noticed is that the program is mentioned to be for GNOME desktop (i am using KDE but v0.45 works fine for me).

so i tried to install v0.46 though one-click install from the opensuse.org site (it was directed from the inkscape website which sent back to:
Webpin). it is also listed on the inkscape site under an "unofficial packages" heading. it installed through yast and it set up a repository to
GNOME:STABLE/openSUSE_10.3. i assumed that it would take care of all the dependencies as there were a few mentioned with the file details.

it completed the installation but would not start up, the icon would bounce around but no open program. i have an icon in my little panel at the bottom of the screen, this was the first attempt to open. i then went to the icon through the applications/graphics from the lizard button (i dont have all the technical names for these things) with no positive result. then i did a search for inkscape from the lizard button window and still it did not work properly. i bring this up because i updated opera with and rpm (installed through a terminal window) and the only way i could get the updated version to run was by doing a search for it.

1. as it is mentioned that inkscape is for GNOME desktop, is it less likely to work properly on KDE?
2. is it possible that some dependencies were not resolved with the installation and caused issues for the program to not open properly?
3. though i know that no one here had direct control, does anyone have an idea of how/when there might be an official package for openSuse? inkscape has offical tarballs but i have been weary to try and install programs with these (Inkscape. Draw Freely.).

any other thoughts/comments appreciated.