I have suspend-to-RAM working pretty well on my 10.3 64bit system, with one side effect I've noticed:

Over multiple suspend/resumes some of my NFS mounts disappear from the mount list. That is, if I use mount or df to look at the list, some of the mounts are not listed. They seem to disappear one at a time, not all at once, and I've never had all of them disappear even after dozens of suspends.

The missing mounts are not actually broken, they otherwise seem to work fine and are completey accessible without remounting. The only reason I even noticed was my habit of doing a 'df -h' to keep an eye on available space for some volumes.

If I attempt to remount without first unmounting the ones that are missing from the list I get an error:
> sudo mount -a
mount.nfs: /mnt/attic is already mounted or busy
This isn't surprising, since it really _is_ already mounted but the mount command didn't see it in the list. If I umount it first it succeeds and reappears in the mount list.

Is there a known cause for this, and a solution? Perhaps an NFS mount option that would prevent this, I'm using defaults. I do not want to script unmounting/remounting during suspend/resume.