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Thread: opensuse 11 kde 3.5

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    wysydude NNTP User

    Default opensuse 11 kde 3.5

    I pretty new to openSUSE. I have installed opensuse 11 kde3.5 . Everything went fine. But when i want to enter system and would like to change there something, or open yast or run updater, i always have an error. Any solution?

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    Default Re: opensuse 11 kde 3.5

    What does the error say?

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    wysydude NNTP User

    Default Re: opensuse 11 kde 3.5

    application-system-configuration-configure x11 system then sue returns with an error

    updater - install update then sue returns with an error
    The funny thing is that when i have only tested the program with liveCD x11 system configuration worked. Then i installed it under xVM VirtualBox

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