First time poster and Linux newbie here.

I've finally managed to get Opensuse 11 working on my Dell XPS M1330 after much fiddling.

However, I am having trouble with Evolution and our MS exchange server.
I've set it up, put in all the correct settings. However when it starts up it connects to the server and checks for new messages (although doesn't find or download any) and then it just simply exits.

When I restart it I am shown the Evolution Crash detection message. I click recover and go back into the program. When I click "Get Mail" the Send/Receive box (for want of a better term - sorry, too used to outlook) opens up for a fraction of a second so that I can't even read what it says, and then closes.

I am yet to download a single message from the Exchange server yet as far as I am aware the settings are correct because if I go to the preferences/account editor/exchange settings it is displaying my "out of office" message so it must have connected to the Exchange server.

Any help much appreciated.