well, first off, i apologize for my lack of capitalization. it's one of the symptoms of what happens.

i'm running opensuse 11.0 with gnome. it was working perfectly for the first few days. however, as of today, it'll randomly lock up. first, i go to use the compiz cube and it doesn't work. i can still switch between workstations when i click on the icon a program in another workstation though. some of my applications stop working; terminal crashes if i input anything into it, yast crashes when i go to enter my root password. then eventually my docking station stops working, and the workstations stop working period. then the taskbar disappears.

i then reboot, and everything starts to work. i thought i had it solved last time when i noticed a bunch of things needed an upgrade in the repositories, but apparently that wasn't it.

about the non-capitalization thing- it's one of the early symptoms, but oddly enough when i press numlock or caps lock the light doesn't show on my keyboard. when i'm in my winxp vm, though, capitalization does work, though the keyboard lights dont.

if anyone can help, it would be very appreciated.