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Thread: transfer kde3 configfiles to kde4 ?

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    Default transfer kde3 configfiles to kde4 ?

    I have a new installed opensuse 11 system with kde4 and an old parition with the home and .kde inside my home with its kde3 configfiles.

    How can I now make kde4 use these .kde configfiles and convert them into its own .kde4 configfiles?

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    Default Re: transfer kde3 configfiles to kde4 ?

    cp .kde/share/apps/<folder>/* .kde4/share/apps/<folder>
    for each folder you want to copy or open Konqueror
    check View>Hidden Files
    Window>Split View
    Navigate to .kde/share/apps in one window and .kde4/share/apps in the other and then copy the relevant files across folder by folder

    Some folders may not be relevant so a global copy is not recommended.

    You may have to extend the above commands if KDE3 and KDE4 are on different partitions but the principle is the same.
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