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Thread: Wine can't connect to Intenet

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    Default Wine can't connect to Intenet

    So I wanted to play TF2.
    I downloaded steam and tried downloading TF2 thru steam. Didn't work. I could login, but not download, said that the net is busy. Well i thought it's a wine bug for Steam. So I downloaded the non-steam version, since steam won't let me play with my steam version. While downloading I tried to play Half Life. Couldn't connect to any server.
    Now I have successfully installed TF2 Cracked version, and Can't connect to any cracked server(s).

    Now I don't think that the problem is in the games anymore.

    Open SUSE 11, Wine 1.1.2, if you need my hardware - ask.

    p.s. One thing I don't like about Suse 11... maybe I'm just too poor in knowledge, but there is No way i can install wine 0.97 or 96 :/ , cause those rpm's are only for suse 10.2, and I can't install suse 10.2 rpm's ....

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    Why would you want to install older versions of Wine? Wine has gotten so good now that it's kind of counterintuitive.

    Are you connecting to the Internet using KInternet? Maybe PPPoE DSL? I've had some problems with the desktop not realizing that its connected to the Internet. Anyways, we need more details about your internet connection.

    Try disabling the SuSE firewall and see if you can connect.

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    My internet is working. Only it works half-way in Wine. I can see / ping Gameservers, but I can connect to them only half way ( then it just freezezzz, but not the game, the connection ).

    Oh, just remembered - there is one game that works with wine - Dofus.

    Why is this ? Maybe some ports or smthn blocked. Dam I need help...

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    Default Re: Wine can't connect to Intenet

    I am thinking it could be ports as well. That's why I told you to temporarily disable your firewall first and see if you can connect.

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    Default Re: Wine can't connect to Intenet

    Disabled apparmor AND firewall.... still no effect...

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    Default Re: Wine can't connect to Intenet

    How are you connecting to the internet? What's your setup?

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