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    Hi everybody, I want to change the way gnome looks, does anyone knows how I change it so it has the upper tool bar and the lower one at the same time like all other distributions instead of only one at the bottom like it is by default?

    Other thing, I installed the nvidia driver and whtn the OS starts I get a nvidia start screen after the opensuse bootsplash, can anyone tell me how I remove this screen and just let the opensuse bootsplash working?

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    If you right click on the desktop or the existing toolbar, I think there's a way to add a New Panel, which you can then place where ever you like as a second toolbar. Right click on that empty panel and you can add whatever you like to it.

    I haven't used GNOME for quite a while so you'll have to excuse me if I am a bit vague.

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    To add a new panel to the top of the screen (not a great idea in my opinion since it eats away into vertical desktop space), right click on the existing panel (at the bottom) and click on 'New Panel'. The new panel thus created is automatically added to the top of the desktop. You can start adding applets to it by right clicking the new panel and selecting 'Add to Panel'.
    To disable the Nvidia logo open a terminal, and become root by writing in the terminal: su (and then entering your password; while entering the password you will not see anything being typed on the terminal, this is a normal security practice). Now enter the following command 'nvidia-xconfig --no-logo' and press enter. Press Ctrl-D and close the terminal. Now restart X (by logging out) and see if the nvidia logo has disappeared.

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    Thanks for your help, the nvidia logo doesn't appear anymore, but still I have a question about the panel, I created the new panel and added the "traditional main menu" applet, but I get only an icon and not the "Applications, Places, Desktop" that I'm used to,so does anyone know how to get the menu like all other distros?

    And other thing, fonts and icons in gnome are too big, even in a 1200x800 resolution, do you know how to make them smaller, and also how to change the default fonts, for something similar to the ones in Windows (I don't like windows very much, that's why i'm trying out linux, but I love the fonts it uses and the small icons).

    Thanks for your responses everybody

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    You have to add the 'menu bar' applet to the panel and not the 'traditional menu' to get what you are used to.
    You can change fonts by right clicking on desktop, choosing 'Change desktop background' from the menu, and in the window that launches selecting 'Fonts'.
    To install MS fonts open the Yast software management module and search for fetchmsttfonts and install it.

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