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    I there! I'm using openSuse 11, and use both xfce and kde desktops. All was going well for the last 2 weeks, but now the screen freezes ( crash ? ), while I'm working, and I can't figure out why. Im using a laptop LG LM70 Express, and I've the graphic card installed and working, an ATI X600. It freezes when Im using different applications, so its not a faulty application that is causing it, and it freezes in both xfce and kde. One thing I notice is that, if I log on as root, it no longer freezes, but I know that being root in a X desktop is not advised at all, so, I'm wondering, can someone give me some help on this matter ?

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    i can't help past these (which i grew tired or repeating, and stuck
    in a web page): (on 11.0 freezing) (on signing in as root)

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