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Thread: Virtualbox on different LAN

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    Default Virtualbox on different LAN

    Sorry if that's a little incorrect but after finally getting a win xp vm running, i notice that it has decided to be on the ip address (g/w instead of joining the rest of the lan on

    I can see other machines/shares from the VM and I can browse the internet OK too but I can not seem to connect INTO the VM from any machine (even the machine that is running VBOX!) by RDP or ping.

    The VBOX network settings are all default (NAT).

    Anyone know why it does this and how to get it to come and play in the LAN with the rest of the computers?

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    That is normal if you use NAT. Use bridged networking instead of NAT, i.e. in the network settings of your virtual machine select bridge (not sure about the exact name in Virtualbox, in VMWare it is called "bridged") and not NAT.

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