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Thread: Trouble with Wine

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    Unhappy Trouble with Wine

    Hello, I am brand new to Linux!

    I just installed openSUSE 11.0 on my computer, and I'm loving it. Currently, I am using the Gnome desktop.

    I'm having some trouble installing Wine, however. There are some Windows apps I would like to run, particularly those from the Adobe Creative Suite.

    I installed Wine by clicking the "Install Software" tab in the start menu and selecting it from the list of available apps. However, after the installation completes, I can't find Wine anywhere. It doesn't show up in searches.

    Any help you can offer me would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Wine is not an application, per-say, with a GUI.

    To use Wine, a terminal is required.

    The basic commands for Wine are...

    wine start location/of/file.exe
    wine location/of/file.exe
    The first command will install the program and the second will run it.

    For more information on Wine, try the Wine website.

    Also, try the OpenSUSE Wiki Wine page.

    Both resources should provide useful information on Wine.

    Hope that helps!

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    In addition, you might want to use the version of wine from the education repo. Though I have to say - I am finding my version to be working well for me - it's just from the 11 dvd install.

    And it's so much better to run windows apps in windows, so I just use Virtual Box, it's brilliant. Lot's less hassle.
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    Not certain if Nautilus handles this also, but when running KDE3 you can navigate to a windows executable in konqueror, right click and choose "open with" -> wine (you may need to type in wine if presented with a list of all your apps).
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    If you want to use GUI for wine, you need to install "wine-doors". After the installation you can find it in search, and in New Applications (I don't know exactly where, I'm using KDE).
    In "wine-doors" you can select .exe file for installation, and maybe you can find Adobe Creative Suite on the list of available programs.
    Good luck

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