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Thread: A few glaring issues

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    Unhappy A few glaring issues

    Hello, I'm running a fresh opensuse 11.0 install (from livecd), and have been having a few issues. First thing I noticed was that I couldn't get yast to run at all, the update icon gives me the option to install all the latest updates, but none are when its selected. Also one click installs from the wiki and webpin didn't run, yast2 would pop up...but just hang. A friend recommended the commands for reinstalling yast and zypper, but they didn't help. The second thing I noticed was that I cant get the screen resolution above 800X600 to its native 1440X900.
    If someone has a command line fix for the resolution that would be great. I'm not sure what more can be done with yast...I'd much rather use APT and risk dependency hell

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    Are you running openSUSE from the live CD or from your hard drive?

    What does it say if you run YaST from the command line? Open a terminal and type

    (enter root password)

    For the screen resolution use sax2 to change the settings. EIther through YaST > Graphics Card and Monitor or by running sax2 in a terminal as root (same as above). Has it recognised your card and monitor correctly?

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    For the graphics problem, try this page...

    OpenSUSE Wiki: Configuring Drivers

    That will walk you through installing and configuring your drivers.

    Not having a driver installed and configured could cause the lack of resolution settings.

    On the topic of YaST, I'm not really sure what could be causing the problem. Sorry.

    Hope this works for you, though!

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