hey there, I shifted to openSUSE 11 & KDE 4.1 recently, while till yesterday everything was working fine. Now all of a sudden, on booting, I get a console login. The system *does* goto run level 5, though. after logging in, I've to issue a startx for KDE to start.

Now the here it gets weirder

1. On issuing startx I get auto-logged in, even though I have auto-login disabled (I *did* have it enabled previously, afterwards I've disabled it)

2. The DE to which I get booted into is random - sometimes its KDE4.1, sometimes its KDE 3.5.9, sometimes its Gnome, although I didn't choose to install KDE 3.5.9 OR Gnome, prolly got isntalled because of some dependencies ? :-/ I have no idea.

3. Even on the rare occasions that I do get a KDE4.1 bootup, I plasma crashes with a sigsev

I tried removing .kde and .kde4 directories in /home but makes no difference

Any suggestions on
(1) How to get the GUI without having to issue startx?
(2) Ensuring that KDE 4.1 is what starts up ?

Help would be highly appreciated.

Another thing, I cant seem to mount my P1i as a mass storage device, which 10.3 did effortlessly. Now when I plug it in, KDE daemon (under KDE 3.5.9) shows New media - unmounted har drive volume, and when I choose open in new window I get a message

org.freedesktop.hal.storage.mount-removable no <-- (action, result)
But I _can_ mount it manually. Anyway I can get it to automount?