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Thread: Dev/Idea forum needed!

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    I think the forums should have an "openSUSE Development/Idea Forum" for proposing/working on ideas for upcoming openSUSE releases. Currently there are only the mailing lists available for this type of discussion. Moving this to the forums would spike more community involvement, and provide a far nicer interface. Any thoughts on this?

    EDIT: What I am proposing is different than the pre-existing "Pre-Release/Beta" Forum. That forum is for discussing the usage and workaround for alpha/beta versions of openSUSE. I am proposing a forum for the actual development rather than end-user usage.

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    We do have start @ Idea Pool for brainstorming and for feature tracking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjimanw View Post
    We do have start @ Idea Pool for brainstorming and for feature tracking.
    There are some interesting proposals there in ... For example:

    * Removal of agfa-fonts because liberation fonts are very good: (fonts tends to be a VERY subjective and emotional issue - this is currently under evaluation and not agreed yet ... ).
    * Support for ext4 in Grub (as a boot partition): (no response yet)
    * many zypper improvements proposed but not all agreed yet ... (zypper is already pretty good imho ) .

    Some of the ideas have already been pushed back to 11.2 (because they are good ideas but the level of effort is too large to put in 11.2).

    There are many other neat ideas, such as making yast into a learning tool (ie monitor what config files it changes in parallel, webcam config support in yast ... that can not be put in 11.1 but may be possible for later openSUSE versions ).

    Of course IMHO the biggest improvement in 11.1 will be a stable KDE-4.1.1

    Still, it was an interesting read ....

    Thanks for the link.

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