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Thread: YaST Troubles

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    I just changed over to openSUSE from Ubuntu and on my first day i've run into some trouble...

    obviously i'd like to tweak my system to my preferences however i have not been able to do this through YaST. I cannot get into to YaST from the button in the ''Computer'' menu nor from the control panel, the only way i can get to the graphical mode is through the terminal using su and then yast2...

    when i do that and i push on any of the buttons, the little waiting cursor symbol pops up for a few seconds, then nothing happens...

    I'm using openSUSE 11 GNOME...

    please be as specific as possible when explaining a solution as i am newish to linux..


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    Default Re: YaST Troubles

    I face this problem before. i am not sure about the correct solution for it.
    But when i switch to another user account and tried there to open yast and do stuffs with works perfect. but not with my personal account.I was also using gnome that time. Then i think, why not switch to KDE, and i never face any problem with yast in KDE. Gnome in opensuse is a bit buggy.
    Here is my thread:
    Link to thread

    By using another account solve the problem temporary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmarif4u View Post
    Gnome in opensuse is a bit buggy.
    yes i've come to find that... i'll probably switch to KDE in the morning since all my googling seems to point out that KDE is the more popular version of openSUSE

    Thanks for the help!

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