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    Default Application Browser

    I installed the Gnome Desktop after the KDE desktop.

    I don't have any Descriptions under the program icons in the Application Browser.


    Computer > More Applications Button > 1,000,000 installed programs all with Icons only!

    Can anyone help with this?

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    Do you have descriptions in the main applications, that is, the ones that are immediately accessible in the menu?

    I don't use Gnome so don't really know what is the standard behavior but I don't expect a gnome installation to mess with the installed applications desktop files. Maybe the behavior under Gnome is different or simply most of the applications don't have a description.

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    YES Everything else is ok. Just the Applications Browser doesn't have descriptions.

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    There is supposed to be an Icon with a description of the program.
    ie: the calcaulater Icon should say Calculator under the calculater Icon.

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    I have exactly the same problem. Makes the whole system practically unusable.

    I tried looking at the .desktop files -- look fine, Program names are there.

    I tried creating a new user. Same problem.

    I tried strace on the "application-browser" application -- but there is so much chaff that-s it hard to know where the configuration file could be found.

    Control center and alacarte seem to have no controls over this.

    There is no man page nor web page.

    I don't mind trying to figure things out -- but you have to meet us half way with a less opaque system. This is like MSWindows.

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