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Thread: GNOME / Desktop Effects = White-Screen

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    Default GNOME / Desktop Effects = White-Screen

    Although I hated Windows for its blue screens, I hate it when sth goes wrong

    Just today I wanted to activate "Desktop Effects" (Compiz) and when I did so on my account I received a white screen.

    Mouse/Cursor is visible when I log in and the applications seem to be there, but nothing but a blank white shiny screen.

    Question: I can still login as root... no problem. Is there a way I can go to /home/MYPROFILE/ and manually deactivate the Desktop Effects from starting up when my session starts? If so in which directory and which files and included values do I need to alter?


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    I have been using compiz, but along with fusion-icon and since I have never fell in such a condition, I am not sure if it works or not, but still, you can first log into your account using tty1 and pass the commands given at:

    Enabling/Disabling Compiz from command line — I do what I can…

    Also, go through this: it might be a bit helpful as well:

    Compiz Troubleshooting - openSUSE

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