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    Does anyone know how to change the homepage in Konqueror. The site found in Google all say, settings>Configure Konqueror, then change home page. This never, ever works. Does anybody have more effective answer?

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    open Konqueror and navigate to the page you want (google by the sounds of things), select settings from the toolbar and select
    save view profile "web browsing"
    select "web browsing" and then save

    this should open Google the next time you start the app

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    Works great. However, it wont let me start with a blank page.

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    Type this in the location field and then save it as before

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    You don't need a homepage with Konqueror; there is no need even to specify that Konqueror should be a web browser; if you want to access Google, simply clear the location bar in file manager mode and type

    gg: <your query>

    If that doesn't work, go to Tools > Configure Konqueror > Web shortcuts where you will find lots of shortcuts you can implement.

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