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    My Application Menu does not have a description under the icons. How would I get those descriptions back?

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    configure desktop
    effects tab - text under icons
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    Default Re: Help with Application Menu--PLEASE!!!

    I'm using Gnome

    Here's the history...I started with KDE on Suse11, everything worked OK, but I wasn't quite liking the desktop and a couple of other things, so I installed XFCE, that's fun but not fun enough for me so I installed Gnome, My Desktop is outstanding now except All the Icons in the applications menu do not have descriptions under them. I have installed all the games from the repositories and a thousand other programs so I don't want to start all over again.

    KDE has a place where I can choose rather to set descriptions under or on the side of my Icons but I do not know where that setting would be for Gnome

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