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Thread: how to go back to kde 3.5

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    Default how to go back to kde 3.5

    Hello there !
    after 1 week of running opensuse11 with KDE4 as desktop, I am suffering from major bugs (disparition of icons on the navigation panel when I minimize windows, impossibility to record sound, impossibility to use and set up konqueror the way I like). How can I install again KDE 3.5, do I really need to format and install suse again ?
    if there would be some straightforward process without having to redo all the installation, it would be very much apreciated,
    thanks for your time !

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    Default Re: how to go back to kde 3.5

    Don't re-install!

    Add the KDE 3 software, choose KDE3 at login as described here:

    help with kde4 - openSUSE Forums

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    Default Re: how to go back to kde 3.5

    Please also look here:
    Live CD for openSUSE-11.0 KDE-3.5.9 is available now - openSUSE Forums

    I'm not proposing (in your case) to download the live CD, but rather I am proposing you type the command:
    su -c 'zypper install -t pattern kde3'

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    Or you can start up Yast --> Software Management, then where it says Filter, select "patterns" and scroll down to "graphical environments." Select KDE3.5 and the base system.

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