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Thread: running java applications on suse10.1

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    Question running java applications on suse10.1


    I have a java application developed using neatbeans IDE. How can I install it on my suse w/o the IDE? Can I install it as a utility on my desktop like Kwrite?

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    You will need to make sure you have a Java Runtime Environment installed, and that the application you have is designed to work in the JRE you have (usually ok, but sometimes a Java app needs a specific version of the JRE).

    Normally you would run it by opening a terminal, and typing:
    java path/to/your/application

    You can also tell OpenSuse to do this from the GUI by right clicking on the JAR file and selecting 'Open with', and browse to /usr/bin/java (usually). In the dialog box that opens is a tickbox for always using this, so you'd be able to double-click a JAR file in future.
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