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Thread: system error code 1021

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    Default system error code 1021

    when I installed suse 10.2 on my computer, suddenly it stops with the following message: Failure ocurred during the following action:
    shrinking partition/dev/hda5 to 1019.7 MB. System error code was -1021.

    I have windows xp sp2 on the computer. I want to know ( if you please , what to do to install suse with windows, if I can not do that what would you recommend me to do.

    thank you for your help

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    Default Re: system error code 1021

    Hello isawad, welcome to the openSUSE Forums

    Just a 2 penny comment: 10.2 isn't nearly as good as 11.0 (KDE3.5 or Gnome, not KDE4) but I'm sure you have your reasons.

    If shrinking is needed to make space, you should defrag the NTFS drive/s before you do the installation. If you didn't then go back and defrag first. If you still get that message -- call back.

    Another comment: if shrinking a windows drive is involved -- be sure to back up the data first.

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