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Thread: alltray troubles

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    Default alltray troubles

    I'd like to use alltray to dock thunderbird, however, whenever I run the command:
    alltray thunderbird &
    All I get is a configuration window asking me to configure alltray by clicking the close button on that window. When I click the close button, it says that I've canceled the config and it terminates.

    I've also tried to configure alltray with:
    alltray --conf
    This brought up the same window, and once again it says configuration canceled when I click the close button it's asking for.

    I'm not new to linux, but I am new to alltray, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm having the same issue when running AllTray in KDE 4. Runs fine under Gnome.

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    Default Re: alltray troubles

    Here's a work around. Add the packman repo to software repositories and then install Kdoc from software management.

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    Perfect... it works, just like linux should

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