After I reported on an apparent openSUSE 11.0 bug, a Novell employee told me to "Please attach y2logs."

According to openSUSE's "Discover it", here's how one is supposed to attach y2logs:

I reported a YaST2 bug, and now I am asked to "attach y2logs". What does that mean, and how do I do that?

YaST2 writes logging information to log files below /var/log/YaST2 while it runs. We need that information to reconstruct what happened.

From SUSE Linux 9.3 or SLES-9 SP1 on, press Shift-F8 in the Qt UI (the graphical mode). You will be prompted for a file name to save the logs to.

From NCurses UI (text mode), exit the UI and use the shell command

save_y2logs /tmp/y2logs.tgz

For SUSE Linux 9.2 (or SLES-9) or earlier, create a (compressed) tar archive from all those files. Please do not try to guess which one we might need and which not - this is impossible to tell for most everybody. Simply tar them all up like this:

cd /var/log
tar -czvf /tmp/y2logs.tgz YaST2

Regardless of what release you are using, if that happened during the first part of an installation or update, don't forget to copy the resulting file from /tmp (which is on a RAM disk then) to a safe place - to a floppy, to a USB stick, to a different hard disk partition or over the network.

Finally, create a new bugzilla attachment to the respective bug with that /tmp/y2logs.tgz file. Please specifically select file type tar.gz archive (app/x-gunzip) in Bugzilla rather than rely on Bugzilla autodetecting the type.
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