i'm beginer with linux ,also opensuse,and i have a problem with an application (oracle database),i've uninstall it with yast,and after that i have installed it again (the archive and he's extract it's in a folder from the desktop). I give it ./oracle-xe configure, after that i've introduced the http port,the port for the DB,and at last he was asking me if i want oracle to be in start-up,i give it 'y' and after this operations he listed me a lots of errors and the installations have stoped. Now i want to reinstall oracle but i can't uninstall it from yast beacuse it doesn't exist in yast->software->software management->installed software or available software....and if i give it again etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure he says me: Oracle is already configured.
Please help me to uninstall this application to install it again.

Sorry because i've created the thread here and not to software section...my mistake