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Thread: Help with FreeRADIUS radtest

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    Unhappy Help with FreeRADIUS radtest

    I'm running Suse 11 and FreeRADIUS v.2
    I am trying to test my set up but whenever I give the command 'radtest' I get back:
    bash: radtest: command not found
    Any recommendations?

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    Default Re: Help with FreeRADIUS radtest

    Looks like it not listed in PATH variable.
    Do you execute the command with root user or not? If not try to execute the command as root user.
    To see your current PATH application:
    echo $PATH
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    Default Re: Help with FreeRADIUS radtest

    I got it to run the test. I just had to uninstall and re-install. Silly me.

    Now I can't add users to the radius server though. All that I'm supposed to do is add the following line to the Users file:
    testuser Cleartext-Password := "test"
    However, when I do that and try to test the login in with:
    radtest testuser test 1812 testing123
    all it does is attempt to log in with no reply from the server.

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