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    I would like to install a messenger to my open SuSE 11.0

    A friend of mine uses Yahoo's messenger.

    I just looked at it. It is only Windows and Mac.

    Do you recommend a messenger to me?

    It seems there is no messenger by default.

    In YaST Control Center I can try either 'Media Check' or 'Online Update'.

    I would like to have one which works without much hassle.

    Many of the friends use Windows.

    So the compatibility is very important.

    Please suggest me a messenger.

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    Default Re: A messenger

    there are several on the install media,e.g. kopete,aMSN,pidgin. AFAIK kopete has the ability to sign on to yahoo


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    Pidgin would be the one that I would personally recommend.

    It is open source (thus free) and works on both OpenSUSE and Windows.

    OpenSUSE Installation:

    1. Open YaST Package Manager
    2. Wait for the repositories to load
    3. Search "pidgin" in the search field (top-left)
    4. Select "Pidgin" and then click the "Install" button
    5. Click "Apply"
    6. Wait for the package to install
    7. Decline to add more software

    That will install version 2.4.1 (at the time of this post). Version 2.4.3 is fine, but if you want to install 2.4.3, try: 1-Click Installer. Feel free to remove the repository from YaST when your finished or keep it if you wish. The automatically remove the repository from YaST when the installation is finished, uncheck "Remain subscribed to these repositories after installation" if this box is checked. Once the installation of the 1-Click Installer is finished, you will automatically be un-subscribed from the repository.

    Windows Installation:

    1. Download the program from this location
    2. Run the .exe file
    3. Complete the installation process (you will be walked through this process)

    The first time you start Pidgin, you may be asked to create an account.

    If this does not occur, complete the following to add your Yahoo account:

    1. Open Pidgin
    2. Click the "Accounts" tab
    3. Select "Manange"
    4. Click the "Add" button in the new window
    5. Select "Yahoo" from the "Protocol" download
    6. Enter your username and password
    7. Check the "Remember Password" box for Pidgin to remember your password
    8. Click the "Save" button
    9. Click the "Close" button

    For more information on Pidgin, refer to the Pidgin website.

    Hope that helps.

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    I don't have YaST Package Manager.

    I have YaST Control Center.

    I found an icon named 'Software Repositoies'.

    I can't search when I double click it.

    When I double click it, I get 'Configured Software Repositories'.

    How do I search for Pidgin?

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    Default Re: A messenger

    Sorry, skipped a step there.

    To open the Package Manager, click "Software Management" in the YaST Control Center.

    Hope that helps!

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