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Thread: M-Audio and Jack set up.

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    tjbrown527 NNTP User

    Default M-Audio and Jack set up.

    Hello. I'm new here and am kind of up a tree.

    I'm trying to switch from Vista 64, which I found won't support my M-Audio 2496 card.

    I have the card working for normal sounds but can't seem to get Jack configured right for this thing. There was someone else here who got it to work, but had other problems so that thread didn't help.

    Jack sees the midi ports but I'm doing something wrong. Jack terminates on start up.

    If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. I need to get my studio up and running!

    Yes, I do have some Linux experience. Just not with Jack or qjackctl.



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    tjbrown527 NNTP User

    Default Re: M-Audio and Jack set up.

    Just wanted to clarify; I DID get Jack to "Run" but I'm not getting audio. All volume controls in the mixer (Kmixer?) are turned on and up. I'm fairly sure it's a setting somewhere. But Jack is *technically* running. Just no midi sound.

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