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Thread: C++ cannot find Vector.h

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    Default C++ cannot find Vector.h

    Not sure any poor souls out here might be doing C++ programming but in code I am trying to port over from a Fedora install I get an error that vector.h is missing....

    Anyone know if this is true and if I have to install a special rpm for this? I am using it with 3ds if that means anything to anyone.

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    Because it is supposed to be
    #include <vector>
    If your book says otherwise, throw it away.

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    Default Re: C++ cannot find Vector.h


    vector.h was depreciated for a while and got removed in the gcc 4.3 release shipped with opensuse 11.0 use as suggested <vector> instead.

    For more details look at the following link.

    GCC 4.3 Release Series &mdash; Porting to the New Tools - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

    hope this helps

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    In STL we have no .h header file!
    And also try <vector> except <Vector> i mean all the alphabets must be lowercase!
    Try "using namespace std;" while using STL header files

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