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Thread: KDE 4.1 knotify wakeups

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    bangelo NNTP User

    Default KDE 4.1 knotify wakeups

    OpenSUSE KDE 4.1 installed from the liveCD. Kernel Sony VAIO SZ640

    Powertop shows knotify4 at almost 920 wakeups and absolutely drains my battery life. Does anyone know of a fix or the associated KDE bug to track? Thanks.

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    Default Re: KDE 4.1 knotify wakeups

    It's a known issue; the problem, from my understanding, isn't actually knotify4 itself, but phonon.

    At any rate, I believe it has been patched in trunk for KDE 4.2. Mayhap the openSUSE devs will pick it up as a backport for the 4.1 packages, it wouldn't surprise me.


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    shaforostoff NNTP User

    Default Re: KDE 4.1 knotify wakeups

    use gstreamer phonon backend instead of xine one.

    P.S. I couldn't get sound working on my acer aspire one with neither of them, though

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