Every time I start my computer fresh, I log into gnome, and then I am presented with a black desktop, aka nautilus isn't running. Compiz does run, but with an incredibly basic set of features, what seems to be the basic set. There is no desktop cylinder, but wobbly windows are functional. Also, emerald hasn't been activated. So, I restart X, and log in again, to receive an error saying something about:

"bonobo activation server failed trying to contact the factory. Try killing bonobo activation server and restarting nautilus"

This works every time, however, what is going on? Is this a bug, or something I can fix easily.

I am using suse 11.0, with the default gnome install. I have chipped away at some of the installed features, like evolution and banshee, but nothing too deep down. I am new to suse, but have been using ubuntu for nearly two years. So yea, I know my way around linux, but maybe not the way suse does things.