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Thread: Session Manager Problem KDE4.1

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    zozo1 NNTP User

    Default Session Manager Problem KDE4.1

    Everything works fine except that I get four Kate windows every time I reboot. Works ok when I start with an empty session then goes right back to 4 Kate windows when I select Restore previous session. Removed .kde and .kde4 in home directory with the same results? How do I get the session manager to work normally?

    Additionally when I configure Konsole the settings go back to the original settings when I reboot. They do not stay as I had set them. Help please.


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    danieljmhelper NNTP User

    Default Re: Session Manager Problem KDE4.1

    I noticed that even when I closed all those open Kate and other sessions there were "session" instances of them still running.

    I don't know why thats the case.

    It seems you can start any KDE app within a session process.

    For example :

    kate -session 12345aabbcc

    will start kate that even when you kill it seems to persist .

    I killed those processes ( the ones with a -session argument or the ones I didn't want coming up again ) , logged out and in again and voila ... no more kates or multiple konsoles !!

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