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    I'm new on OpenSUSE and i would like to present my new project :

    SMILE - Slideshow Maker In Linux Environnement

    You can find it here : SMILE

    Or here on the official website (in french) : SMILE | Slideshow Maker In Linux Environnement

    Hope you like it... Comments welcome.
    When this program will grow enough i will restart ManDVD to implement multi menus and a ton of new ideas...

    Happy to be with you


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    Looks Great! It looks like it will integrate with music too?

    Will this work in KDE 4.1 or 3.5.x?

    I'm not familiar with Qt to know if Qt 4 is KDE 4-only or not.

    This should go into one of the repositories, or see about openSUSE's one-click installs. I do not know enough about them to know what it takes to do that though.

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    QT4 is for kde3 , 4 gnome and other....
    Personnaly i use gnome and it work perfectly

    There is a package in repos for suse but i don't search where they are ...

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    The new release is available here :


    Before launchin gread this :

    0.6.0 ----------------------

    first of all remove .smile.cnf from your home directory (hidden file)
    Don't use old project file
    A ton of bugfixes
    Import video for your slide (for the moment it's fix to 3sec maximum) technical reason... I will fix
    A big work on audio

    This is a test release ... there is some minor problem that will be solve as soon as possible, but it's not BIG problems ;-)


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