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Thread: Terabyte instead of Gigabyte

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    Question Terabyte instead of Gigabyte

    Since using openSuSE 11, I have a problem with large files. When I want to copy a tar.gz-file witz 2.2 Gigabyte it shows me a size from about 16 Terrabyte and I can't copy it really.

    With KDE4 I get an Error: Can't read file. And it writes just a file of 5 MB to my home directory.

    With KDE3 I get the same Error, but it writes me the file to my home directory. When I extract it with ark, I get an error too, but it extracts it right.
    After copying I had to manually rename my file from abc.tar.gz.part to abc.tar.gz.

    But all in all there should be a solution.
    Has anyone experienced similar things?


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    Copy it from where?

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    Are the file copy operations giving problems those performed on that 'abc.tar.gz.part' file ?

    Well, that looks like a corrupt/incomplete file. The suffix 'part' is usually added as a temporal tag to the good file name while some operation is being made on it, normally when it is downloaded from a internet site.

    For example, some download managers or P2P applications mark the files on the process of being downloaded with that 'part' name to mean that the file is not complete yet.
    Firefox or Iceweasel also use that modus operandi.

    You usually experience that kind of problems with big files, when any kind of network shortcut could render your file useless.

    Double check that the file is healthy. If the only tools giving problems are, like in your case, tar and/zip/gzip, etc, then your file is corrupt and you better get a new copy.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with the tools.

    Hope this helps.

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