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Thread: Subpixel hinting on KDE4-Available now!

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    Default Subpixel hinting on KDE4-Available now!

    This is for all who've waited for subpixel hinting on KDE4 (just like me.. ). Opensuse has fixed the Qt4 bug that enabled subpixel hinting only at runtime. The latest Qt4 files are available at :-

    I've now switched over from 3.5.9 and running an update for KDE 4.1 The screenshot of my desktop is at:-
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    It installs the x11-qt4 rpm that enables subpixel hinting. I did install the freetype2 packages from repo. Refer to this fixed bug for more details:-


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    Default Re: Subpixel hinting on KDE4-Available now!

    The link you pasted is incorrect, it is only fixed in the KDE:Qt44 repository. Furthermore, the KDE:Qt45 repository is not recommended for daily use.

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    Default Re: Subpixel hinting on KDE4-Available now!

    Firstly...many thanks for fixing this bug!

    Yes, the BS repos are not recommended for daily use...and I have a 4.1 and 3.5.9 installed side-by-side. Now you mention that it was fixed in the Qt44 repo..but I installed it directly from the 4.5 repo and took a chance with the Factory version. It did work successfully though.

    I'll revert back to the Qt44 repo and try it from there instead. I do see updated packages for today.


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    Default Re: Subpixel hinting on KDE4-Available now!

    In GNOME, we need to use a cairo package that make freetype2 subpixel working with it, I found one in fedora forum works with me, thanks to Anshul.
    /dev/loki: Freetype2 packages with subpixel hinting

    But it still not working with firefox 3
    I think we need to build firefox with --enable-system-cairo
    Subpixel font hinting in Firefox 3.0 b3 - Ubuntu Forums
    Could someone try to do it please?

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    Default Re: Subpixel hinting on KDE4-Available now!

    I added the Qt44 repository, updated logged out and logged back in and my desktop was locked up tighter then a rednecks ass on Gay pride day.

    Removed the repo and am reverting back now.

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