These are probably very basic questions from a total noob... so please accept my apologies in advance...

I've been using SuSE Linux (and now OpenSUSE) for quite a long time, but just as a power user. I have OpenSUSE 10.2 installed on a ThinkPad, but also PCLinux2007 on an old PC at home (it came w a magazine); both are running KDE.

1. On the SUSE desktop, I only need a single click to launch an app; PCLinux requires 2 (ala Windows). Where can I configure this?
2. The package manager for PCLinux (synaptic I think it's called) will let me know what do I have installed, and what's available. For example, if I have OpenOffice 2.0 installed, it will let me know that there's a newer version, specifically "made" for PCLinux, and downloadable from a PCLinux exclusive repository. When I try the same thing w OpenSUSE, even by registering the Packman source for 10.2, it will not find a newer version of OpenOffice, so I have to manually go the OpenOffice web site, and download a "generic" newer version of OO for Linux. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for bearing with me, and thanks for your comments.