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Thread: video file preview???

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    Default video file preview???

    Hi, I posted a while ago about the same problem in kde 3.5x, and i was able to find a solution, But i can't for the life of me get previews to show of any of my video files in Kde 4.1.
    Its just a blank file with a big ? on it.

    Does anybody know how to make it show the actual preview pic for each video file???
    They all play fine.

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    Default Re: video file preview???

    mplayer thumbs will provide video previews for KDE 4, it can be found in the Packman repository. You need the version with the KDE4- prefix.

    Hope that helps
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    Default Re: video file preview???

    It worked for all my mpeg files, but most of my collection are flash video's ".flv" files. It didn't seem to make a difference to these files.
    Any other suggestions?

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