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Thread: Sony Ericsson on OpenSUSE

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    Question Sony Ericsson on OpenSUSE

    Used openSUSE 10.3 with standard default kernel and 3G/GPRS cellphone as modem.
    Setup at various times a Sony Ericsson K800i, W900i and W910i in YAST as modem and
    accessed it with Kinternet. (I then upgraded my kernel to and then it started giving almost the same problems as below.)

    I know loaded openSUSE 11 from scratch on the same machine. Installed my favourites using smart on a friends ADSL connection.

    1.)At home with my mobile phone connected i went into YAST - modems. Under Modem Devices it shows "Sony Ericsson ***i phone (not connected)".
    I click edit, select the device, enter dialup settings as previous and finally custom ISP settings.

    When i am done it creates a new device modem0 with my ISP under Provider.The Sony Ericsson ***i remains unaffected.
    This all results that KInternet never dials up.

    I also tried querying the modem in kppp and it says it cannot get a lock on the device.

    I know went and edited wvdial.conf and changed /dev/ttyACm0 to modem0, and amazingly it dialed in(dont know why).
    However when i went back in to YAST and try to set it up again, it stops working.

    Has something changed in the kernel or am i missing something?

    2.) What also happens is that when plugging into my phone and selecting phone mode using the same USB cable,
    it pops up a camera device but when i try to access it, it comes back with an error...

    Any thought?
    Intel E8500 - MSI P45 Neo-F - 4GB Ram - XFX 8800GT - Realtek Ethernet - Sony W910i(3G) - SATA drives - OpenSUSE 10.3 & 11.0

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    Default Re: Sony Ericsson on OpenSUSE

    I have similar problem with open suse 11.1. It seems that nothing with the network manager has changed. I cant dial with my sony ericsson k550i using yast modem or network manager. I have to do it with command line wvdial. The network manager cant detect my operator and if i specify a custom operator, it somehow delets all the data accounts from my phone.

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