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Thread: Integrated SiS662 Graphics Problem

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    Default Integrated SiS662 Graphics Problem

    I have an Intel D201GLY2A board that has integrated SiS662 graphics. I got the output at least usable using all the great information in this forum and wiki. The thing is I want 3D acceleration or at least something a little clearer as it looks like I'm looking through someone else's glasses.

    The point. Where do I install the driver at and do I have to recompile it?

    Driver below

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    Default Re: Integrated SiS662 Graphics Problem

    I hate to double post, but does anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: Integrated SiS662 Graphics Problem

    Just had a quick look at the file, as far as i can see, extract the files wherever you want,i have a separate folder for testing,so, i extracted to my testing folder. Once done,run ./configure,let it do it's stuff. then, run make & let it do it's stuff.then su to root & run make install.hopefully this should help. Before you do any of this:-
    1 ) backup at least your xorg.conf
    2 ) make sure kernel sources,gcc/gcc++ & make are installed

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