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Thread: Keyring messed up

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    Default Keyring messed up

    Hello everybody,

    since the migration from Suse10.3 to 11x86_64 my Gnome keyring is messed up.
    I want it to unlock all keys on login automatically.
    Before I had to unlock it manually (which was inconveniet but acceptable).
    After the migration I have to enter the DSL authentication by hand AND unlock the keyring manually afterward. (That makes three passwords: login, DSL and keyring. ****!)

    I have no idea why these passwords aren't simply stored in the login keyring, as they are intended to be. Can anybody help me?

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    Default Re: Keyring messed up

    Could be there are multiple keyrings defined.

    You could try removing the default (and other keyrings) by going to Control Center > Encryption and Keyrings and removing the keyrings you see specified there.
    Logout/Login and a new key set will be created that you can default to a blank password.

    The keyring files are stored in /home/<username>/.gnome2/keyrings.

    Deleting these files and re-logging in should have the same effect.

    You will have to reenter all previously stored passwords but it might fix the issue you are having.

    Hope that helps,
    Have a lot of fun!

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    Default Re: Keyring messed up

    Thanks, but I tried that already.
    There were two keyrings. I deleted both and reinstalled the one called 'login'. Anyway, it was marked as the default one all the time and the weird behaviour didn't change.

    I think that I'm facing in fact two real bugs: one of NetworkManager and one of Seahorse.
    Seahrose won't unlock on login.
    I didn't mention that the DSL password is stored only in NetworkManager. If I enable 'System setting', I can't connect anymore. Yet the password is present and it still keeps asking for it.
    I'll talk to the gnome people directly and maybe file a bug report.

    If anybody encountered the same problems, I'd still be glad for feedback.

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